A big THANK YOU to all of our generous Team Sponsors!


6U Team Sponsors 
Cherry Bombs:Islands
Pink Dolphins:Parents of the Pink Dolphins
Pink Panthers:Anonymous
Cotton Candy Crushers:Boney Mountain Tavern 
Pink Cheetahs:Law Office of Christina Shaffer
8U Team Sponsors
The Wrecking Balls:Hodges Orthodontics
 Zweig Family Dentistry
 Huber Dental
Pop Rocks:Boney Mountain Tavern
The Lucky Charms:Big Brand Tire
 Thousand Oaks Home Theater
 Country Harvest
Party Rockers:Anonymous
Lil Dodgers:Boney Mountain Tavern
10U Team Sponsors 
Lilac Attack:Shaw HR Consulting
 Mitch Cohen with Relay Apparel 
Susan and Frederick Nason
 Nexgen Quality Group, LLC
Thomason Aviation Inc.
 Jason Logan with Outdoor Creations
 Boney Mountain Tavern
The Rock Stars:
Rocking K Ranch (Robert Perez)
 Distinguished Creations

12U Team Sponsors
Brian D. Rudin, M.D.
Tidal Wave:
Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios
 Susan and Frederick Nason
Urban Dye Bar
 Charles Duvall (DMG Corp) 
NP Savages:
Thomason Aviation Inc.
 Park Place Dental Group
 Monte Martin Construction Inc.

14U Team Sponsors
Fred Horowitz - Wheel Concepts Industries



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